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Below is an overview of the types of issues I typically work with in my practice.  Please feel free to contact me if you would like more information.
Children and Adolescents
Education Issues
Children and adolescents are often referred to me when school problems have surfaced and extra support is needed. I have a strong background in special education.  I am familiar with Individual Education Plans (IEPs) and can help families navigate their way through this sometimes stressful process.
I also work with advanced placement students and competitive athletes (and their parents) around the issues of overachieving, anxiety, social skills, self-esteem, and depression to help them understand and work with their special strengths and needs.

College students who are having trouble adjusting to college life are a growing part of my practice.  I work with these emerging adults to identify the source of the problem and connect them to resources that can help them return to school with confidence.  In some cases, returning to college is not an option and alternative plans are developed.
Personal and Family Issues
Declining grades and behavior problems in school are often related to issues going on outside of school. I routinely work with students who are dealing with challenging situations at home, such as parental separation or divorce, blended families, sibling issues, or other complicated family dynamics. Adolescents who are dealing with sexual identity issues and substance abuse are referred to me as well.
Individual Adults
I see adults who are struggling with life transitions, such as separation or divorce, career changes, or loss of a loved one. Adults who feel stressed, depressed, anxious, or generally unsettled in their lives can benefit from the therapeutic process.

I provide support and practical insight to couples who are looking to restore a healthy, committed life together.   I've completed intensive training with Dr. John Gottman and Dr. Harville Hendrix and utilize these theories and techniques in my work.   In addition to marriage counseling, I offer pre-marital counseling for couples in a committed relationship.  Divorced or separated parents who wish to work on healthy parenting are part of my practice as well.

Parents who need extra support and guidance often benefit from therapy. I am particularly skilled at working with new mothers adjusting to lifestyle changes, as well as parents of children with special needs. Together we can identify stressful issues at home and come up with a plan for addressing them.

Professional Supervision
Clinical supervision is an important part of my practice. I offer supervision to social workers and counselors working toward licensure. I know from personal experience that a good supervisor can make a big difference in the life of someone entering the mental health profession. I have extensive training in clinical supervision and years of experience working with graduate students and new therapists.   In addition, I am familiar with the paperwork required by the state and have kept up with recent changes to licensing requirements for LPCs and social workers. Supervision is usually offered one on one, but sometimes group supervision is offered as well.  Please feel free to contact me to discuss your supervision needs and how we may be able to work together.